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Xpert Sign Tools owner, Josh Shearer,  has spent more than 25 years in the architectural sign business. While working  as a shop owner, it became evident that producing top-quality signs required  top-quality tools. It was this need that inspired Josh to develop the unique,  industry-specific tools manufactured by Xpert Sign Tools today. 

When  it came time for Josh to move on and sell his sign business, he realized the  tools he'd created still functioned like new after six years of heavy use; these  tools withstood the test of time and could be utilized in every shop around the  world, creating consistent corners and holes time and time again! This led him  to launch Xpert Sign Tools.

Today,  Josh and his wife, Crystal, are the owners and operators of Xpert Sign Tools and  pride themselves on tools made entirely in the United States. They've worked with some of the  best machinists around to create products that meet only the highest quality  standards. Whether you have a large-scale sign facility or a small franchise  business, these tools will fit your needs.


The Original Xpert Corner Rounder

It started as a simple drawing on a napkin and eventually became the first Xpert Tool!


Xpert Corner Rounder w/Tool Base

More than 13 years after that napkin drawing turned into a reality, we now have a line of quality tools that we sell around the world. Each tool is proudly made in the USA.

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