Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order these tools?

All orders are placed through our website. Simply go to the "Products" page at the top and fill your cart! If you feel that you have a need that can not be fulfilled through this site, please contact us by email and we will do our best to help. 

2. What size arbor press do I need?

We recommend the Xpert Arbor Press because it works with all Xpert Tools' corner rounders and hole punches. There is no need to adjust settings on this press and it allows cutting a 1 7/8" radius on 0.080 aluminum (this is not possible with a regular arbor press).

If you are only using the 4-in-1 corner rounder or the 1/4" hole punch, a 1-ton arbor press will work. You will need to adjust the handle to a different height on these, depending on which tool you are using. You can use a press that is larger, of course, but please note that the Xpert Base might not fit on the larger arbor press.  We have a universal base to fit a variety of 1-ton arbor presses. 

Links are provided below to different arbor presses that have been tested and should fit the Xpert Sign Tools base. 


3. Where do I buy an arbor press?

The Xpert Arbor Press is available on our website. If you are looking for one of the 1-ton arbor presses, please follow the links on our page to find presses sold through Amazon that work with our Xpert Tool Base. 

4. Do I need the Xpert Tool Base?

If you are using one of the third party arbor presses, we highly recommend the tool base as part of your purchase.The Xpert Tool Base was created as a response to customer feedback. It eliminates the need to secure the tool to the arbor press and greatly improves the tools’ performance.

If you are buying the Xpert Arbor Press, there is no need to purchase a tool base. 

5. What is the thickest aluminum I can cut with the Xpert Corner Rounder?

With the Xpert Arbor Press, you will be able to easily cut through 0.080 aluminum on even our largest radius die (1 7/8").

If you are using a 1 ton arbor press, you can expect to cut up to 0.080 aluminum with our 4-in-1 corner rounder. We do recommend exchanging the 12" handle on the arbor press with a 19" piece of steel rod. This will allow you to cut through the 0.080 easily. Also, please remember to BOLT THE ARBOR PRESS TO YOUR WORKBENCH. If the arbor press is not secured to your workspace, it will tip over and will not work easily.

6. What height (thickness) can I cut with the Xpert Corner Rounder?

For substrates such as Diabond, we have redesigned this tool to work with 6mm thicknesses! 

7. What is the difference between the Hole Punch and the Drilling Jig?

The Hole Punch creates an 1/8", ¼” or ⅜” hole in your material (depending on which one you purchased). 

The Drilling Jig allows you to use an ⅛”, ¼”, ⅜”, or ½” drill bit.

The Hole Punch is used on an arbor press (sold separately). 

The Drilling Jig can be used on a drill press or with a cordless drill (more convenient for job sites).

On the Hole Punch, you can use the guides to inset the hole ¼”, ½”, ¾”, and 1” from the edge or corner of the blank. 

The guides on the Drilling Jig can be set every quarter inch up to 2” from the edge or the corner of the blank.

The Hole Punch is great for cutting through metals, composites, magnetics, pvc, etc. It does NOT work with acrylic.

The Drilling Jig works great with aluminum and acrylic panels, pvc, or other substrates, up to ½” thick.

The Drilling Jig attaches to the drill press platform.  Different sized holes can be created with different drill bits.

You can use the guides to inset the hole up to 2” from the edge or the corner of the blank. ⅛”, ¼”, and ⅜” drill bit bushings are included with this tool. 

The Drilling Jig works great with acrylic panels, or other substrates, up to ½” thick.

8. Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We have shipped all over the world and will continue to do so!